Гарна дівчина

Tantric massage

For most clients, tantric massage Kiev seems to be a part of intimate services with sexual pleasures. However, this is not the case. During a tantric erotic massage, the client learns a lot about his body, as our girls easily find erogenous zones in it, which most visitors to our salon can only guess about.

Erotic body massage

Body massage Kiev is a scientifically based medical method, proven by practice. In the world, the use of massage is practiced in many sanatorium and preventive institutions. Body massage is widely used in medical practice. A significant improvement in the financial situation of people and the desire for physical perfection have made massage necessary for the physical development of a modern person, and massage is successfully used for preventive purposes.

Sensual erotic massage

This erotic massage program consists of two parts. The first part includes body preparation and warm-up based on classical massage. The second part – erotic massage – innocent, attractive and innocent, just like the first concept. The second part of the erotic massage is performed by girls you choose yourself. The staff of our staff allows you to make an excellent choice of a girl who will be your guide in the world of pleasure and relaxation.

Erotic massage for women

Woman is the greatest mystery of nature. But our male masseurs are able to please you with male erotic massage and guess even the most complex riddles. On the way to finding your erogenous zones and glasses, they will not miss a single centimeter of your body, paying attention to every cell, resulting in you experiencing the most unforgettable 60 minutes of your life!

Erogenous zones

Erogenous zones have been the subject of consideration by many sexologists and psychotherapists of the past and present. Thus, the well-known sexologist Sebibykh said that when massaging certain areas of the body, namely the most sensitive ones, three basic rules should be followed: selectivity, compatibility and consistency.

Classic massage

The number of repetitions of each of these techniques will depend on the physical condition of the patient and his individual characteristics.
Each reception is carried out strictly along the lymphatic pathways. Classic erotic massage is done in descending order, starting from the largest areas of the body and, accordingly, ending with the smallest. Thanks to this sequence, the massage activates blood circulation.

Thai massage

This is, first of all, the gift of health. especially men’s health. It is difficult to argue with statistics: Lviv tires and sucks all the strength out of men at such a speed that by the age of 45 they turn into old men. But this can be avoided. Professional Thai massage allows a man to be young to old age.

Erotic massage “Madam”

This technique can be attributed to one of the varieties of role-playing games. A woman will play a dominant and dominating role in it. It is she, the Lady, who will be able to command all your actions. In such a game, the man finds himself in a passive role, and fulfills every desire or demand of the woman who becomes his Mistress.
Erotic massage Madam Kiev is suitable for people who are tired of standard sexual inclinations.

Erotic massage for men in Kiev

Erotic massage salon “Lucky” invites men to escape from the everyday bustle: here you can forget about everyday worries and relax after a busy day. Give yourself some time and we will be happy to help you. The staff of our massage salon will offer you an individual program of erotic massage.