Erotic body massage

Body massage is a modern method of therapy

Еротичний боді масаж у ЛьвовіBody massage Kiev is a scientifically based medical method, proven by practice. In the world, the use of massage is practiced in many sanatorium and preventive institutions. Erotic massage is widely used in medical practice. A significant improvement in the financial situation of people and the desire for physical perfection have made massage necessary for the physical development of a modern person, and massage is successfully used for preventive purposes.

Body erotic massage Kiev is a mechanical action that can irritate the skin with special developed methods of different pressure. Several mechanical skin irritations cause tissue deformation and excitation of the human nervous system. The stronger the pressure on the skin, the stronger the irritation and, accordingly, more signals enter the central nervous system. These signals cause a shift throughout the body. The body massage procedure affects the entire body. For example, stroking techniques cause pleasant sensations. However, we should not forget that during body massage sessions, severe depression, which causes pain, should not be allowed. Pain can lead to an increase in adrenaline and exacerbation in diabetic patients. It can also increase blood clotting and blood pressure. The correct reaction to a body massage session is accompanied by a feeling of warmth and an improvement in overall well-being. If the body massage procedure increases pain, causes discomfort or is accompanied by a deterioration in the general condition, such procedures are unacceptable.

Body massage restores the efficiency of the connected apparatus. Rubbing is considered gymnastics for the muscles. Body massage in Lviv promotes the resorption of edema and deposits in the joints. This method is also used after hypothermia.

Body massage increases the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. Thanks to body massage sessions, blood from the internal organs flows to the muscles and skin. There is also an increase in the amount of hemoglobin and red blood cells in the blood.
Thus, the effect of body massage leads to an improvement in the functioning of the body or the normal functioning of organs in various diseases.

Body massage, currently as an effective method of therapy, is widely used in medicine.

Express body massage

This massage procedure can be judged by its name. “Express” means fast. That is, express body massage Kiev is performed for 30 minutes, during which the main points of the body are warmed up, on which the greatest load falls. Is 30 minutes too much or too little? Let’s just say it’s enough. To revive you, eliminate pain syndromes and get rid of fatigue, this is enough. But there will be almost no time left for entertaining and erotic moments, but there are many of them in the arsenal of our massage parlor. You can evaluate them in other programs. Express erotic body massage is ordered by Kiev residents and guests of the capital, who value their working time, but do not forget about their health.

History of body massage

Body massage is designed to awaken and develop the most exquisite sensations of the body, expand the boundaries of sensuality, reveal the potential of sensual pleasures inherent in the human body. You can not only relax, give your body the necessary relaxation, escape from everyday problems and worries, but also try new bright positive emotions. There are legends about this type of massage – sometimes not favorable content. Their essence lies in ignorance of the foundations of such an exotic holiday, not only of the body, but also of the soul.

Body massage has long attracted connoisseurs of true craftsmanship. Knowing your sensuality thanks to the skill of gentle, meek, careful professional masseuses will help you experience maximum pleasure.

How is body massage done in our Lucky massage parlor?

Body massage begins with a slow, sophisticated exposure of your masseuse. A suitable salon atmosphere contributes to the subtlest perception of what is happening. The plasticity of movements and a real, sincere dance of the body create a cocktail of swagger, caress, inspiration. These are light stroking of graceful, delicate female hands, and sliding of the masseuse’s body over yours, as well as stimulating the erogenous zones of your body. The end of the massage will be a bright orgasm – eroticism, sensuality, passion and exceptional physical relaxation will give you unique sensations that you will definitely want to experience again. Any type of erotic massage includes 1-2 relaxations, according to your desire! The healing properties of body massage have been known to mankind for a long time. Today, this procedure is only gaining popularity, almost every massage parlor in Lviv has included erotic massage in its list of services. Body massage in our salon is a relaxing and at the same time healing procedure for the body, of course, if it is done correctly. You need to be able to do body massage correctly, which is why special courses are created where they teach this skill. Therefore, it is very important to know and follow the rules of body massage. Firstly, before proceeding with the massage procedure, it is necessary to cleanse the skin, be sure to take a shower. To achieve absolute relaxation during the massage procedure, it is better to lie down. If during the body massage procedure you experience discomfort, be sure to report the discomfort to the master. Massage should be relaxing and enjoyable. If you attend body massage sessions for therapeutic purposes, be sure to consult your doctor about this. For our part, we can assure you that we will do our best so that you come back to us with a smile again and again!