Programs and prices

Foot fetish

60 min./4200 UAH

(Sensual erotic massage that allows you to touch the object of your desire and creates emotions many times stronger, enhancing natural attraction to the opposite sex. In the cabin “Athena” it is performed only by masseuses with well-groomed legs. “Foot fetish” – the ability to enjoy expressive the beauty of the curves and shape of women’s legs)

VIP person

60 min./3000 UAH

30 min./1800 UAH

(The craftswoman is completely naked. Classic full body massage. Body massage. One relaxation. Touching and kissing on the body excluding the intimate area and face. Shared shower with young woman.)

Exchange of roles

90 min./4100 UAH

(For those men who want traditional erotic massage, seems too banal, or for those who prefer have an active position, our program invites you to be as a massage master for a charming young lady. The Role Exchange program assumes that the entire process you will manage both of you at the same time, delivering and getting your dose of pleasure and relaxation. Tender touching and stroking the female body will bring you to the peak Excitement for any man. After all, just the thought of how your hands will touching and sliding along every curve of the sweet lady becomes hot!

Bonus: Full touches to the girl’s body (excluding the area bikini and face), cocktail shower. The program includes two relaxations.)

Double pleasure

75 min./3400 UAH

(The craftswoman is completely naked. Body massage. Classical full body massage. Two relaxations. Touching and kissing on the body excluding the intimate area and face. Shared shower with young woman.)

Royal standard

1.5 hours 4200 UAH / 2 hours 5000 UAH ​

(You undress the craftswoman or striptease at your choice. Bodysuit massage. Classic full body massage. Two relaxations. Touching and kisses on the body excluding the intimate area and face. Lingam massage with tenga testicles or another body massage with relaxation of your choice. Shared shower with a girl. Champagne in present.)


30 min./2200 UAH

(Erotic massage “Stranger” – your mysterious and a passionate adventure. If you decide to take a break from everyday affairs and other worries, surrendering to the power relaxation, but at the same time want something special, then this The program will be the ideal choice for you. Charming a stranger in a playful costume will blindfold you and will demonstrate his unsurpassed skills. Delicate and a pleasant massage session will return your vital energy, will add passion and give you a great mood.)

Pleasant conversationalist​

60 min./1500 UAH

(Talk about everything. All attention to you. 50 grams of whiskey and circle present.)

VIP massage “Afina”

120 min./5200 UAH

(VIP massage “Afina”: classic full body massage, body massage, 2 relaxations, kisses and touches excluding the area bikini and face, lingam massage with tenga testicles, massage heads, striptease, as well as a choice of additional relaxation or shower after massage with a skilled worker, champagne.)

“You behaved badly” (“Mistress”)

60 min./from 4100 UAH

(Your ardent pressure will meet with burning energy a girl who doesn’t mind being a strict caretaker herself! Beauty in Eva costume will be blindfolded for enhancement emotions and will show you the most revealing techniques pleasure in its arsenal, conquering you to its will. And we do not advise you to resist, since the punishment for this will force You will shudder… Will you be able to withstand all her orders, whims, demands? For obedience, a prize awaits you – sweet delight! You will be able to determine the course of events yourself: immerse yourself in the sensual massage or do without it altogether and give free rein to the beautiful Masters to dominate you.)

Couples massage

60 min./5600 UAH

90 min./7400 UAH

120 min./8800 UAH

(Touching and kissing on the body (except for the intimate area and face) The massage is performed by two masters (two girls or man + girl, at the request of the couple)). Program with one masseuse involves giving a massage to a man or woman, where the second partner acts as an observer. Program with one masseuse involves giving a massage to a man or a woman, where the second partner acts as an observer. At the end of the session, the masters will bring you both to the sweetest finals…or they will delicately leave you alone to you could practice the art of bodily pleasures.)

Kingdom of the Master ​

90 min./6400 UAH

(The craftswoman is completely naked. Classic 4-hand massage. Light lesbian show. Pop show. Body massage with relaxation (for a second relaxation is possible at the master’s request). Kisses and touching the body, excluding the intimate area and face. Simultaneously massage the head and feet. Shared shower with the girls. Champagne as a gift. The entire program is executed by two masters.)

Addition to massage ​

Jacuzzi session with aquagel massage
1600 UAH
Additional relaxation
800 UAH
Undressing the craftswoman
500 UAH
Rent a room
60 min./1500 UAH
Erotic costume
600 UAH
(If desired, the masseuse can make your secret fantasies come true. and turn into: “stewardess”, “nurse”, “cat”, “bunny” or “student”.)
Shower with a girl with relaxation
1200 UAH
(A naked craftswoman, dressed only in fragrant soap foam, rubs you with a soft sponge to relaxing music. This The massage is performed in the bathroom in the twilight under flickering candles. This is how the “little mermaid” proves you to relaxation.)
1800 UAH
(During this program, the girl passionately caresses her body, and waves of pleasure overwhelm your emotions and that’s all only from that. What do you see. How long do you have enough? excerpts…?)
1000 UAH
Prostate massage
2100 UAH
Lesbian Show
2200 UAH
Shared shower with a girl
600 UAH
Indulging in ice cubes
+800 UAH
Lingam massage with tenga testicles
+1600 UAH
Head massage
+1000 UAH
Hot orange massage
+ 2100 UAH

Classic massage

Класичний масажStandard classic body massage can not only relax the whole body, but also get rid of various ailments. Pain, swelling, fatigue, you can forget about this if you regularly attend Lviv erotic massage sessions. It is produced in five basic techniques, which include:
– soft stroking;
– deep rubbing;
— enhanced squeezing;
– intensive kneading;
– vibration.
The number of repetitions of each of these techniques will depend on the physical condition of the patient and his individual characteristics.
Each reception is carried out strictly along the lymphatic pathways. Classic erotic massage is done in descending order, starting from the largest areas of the body and, accordingly, ending with the smallest. Thanks to this sequence, the massage activates blood circulation.

Let’s consider each method separately:

1. Soft stroking. It is with this technique that the whole procedure of classic body massage Kyiv begins, and also ends. It can also be used when changing techniques. What is the purpose of stroking? It is able to pre-cleanse the skin and prepare it for subsequent treatments. Due to this, skin respiration is cleansed, blood flow increases and, accordingly, the overall skin tone increases. Stroking is also used for injuries of varying severity and diseases, in order to quickly relieve pain.

2. Deep rubbing. This is the second take. Rubbing is performed by displacement, sliding, movement and stretching of those tissues on which this effect is exerted. Rubbing performs a similar function to the first, but acts more deeply. It delivers oxygen to the affected area, thereby taking part in the body’s metabolic process.

3. Reinforced squeezing. It is performed similarly to the first technique, but more quickly and energetically. It is important to consider that if the massage is performed on a painful area of \u200b\u200bthe body, then the push-ups are performed with less pressure than usual.

4. Active kneading. This technique is necessary for kneading the deep layers of muscle tissue. It is produced with thumbs and palms. Due to active kneading, muscle tone increases.

5. Vibration – the final stage. Vibration is carried out by vibrations of the massaged surface. Fine vibrations significantly soothe and relax, deep vibrations vice versa. So, classic massage is almost a whole science of movements. It is very important to correctly perform each technique, because the therapeutic effect of massage will depend on this.