Erotic menu

1. Body massage
2. VIP massage
3. Indian massage
4. Massage Crazy girls
5. Massage for girl
6. Massage for couples
7. Massage”LORD”
8. Massage with pip show elements
9. Massage “The girl from above”
10. Aqua foamy massage

Any massage can be executed by one, two or three girls. On your choice.

Additions to programs

“Stroke a pussy”

People say when the person is stroking a cat he gets rid of a stress. In the program it is possible to stroke and kiss a pussy.

P.S on women’s period (“red days of a calendar”) – service isn’t available, specify opportunity in advance.

Service cost – 300 UAH.


This program lasts 15 minutes. It is for fans of female legs. The foot-fetish is unusual massage executed by foots. Tender female legs will execute love dance on your body. Small pink foot, – soft and gentle – will touch the most unexpected places.

Cost – 300 UAH.


All your body (except a penis) the girl covers with kisses, caresses, light touches of a nose. All the most gentle and tender that you will wish.

Cost – 300 UAH.

You didn’t find that program which you looked for? Our salon approaches individually to each guest therefore non-standard programs are possible. All your wishes you’ll discuss personally with the administrator – and believe, there is nothing impossible.

Any of additions can be included to any program, according to your desire.


This massage consists of two parts – classical and erotic massage. Classical massage – it is not only a pleasure, but also an important treatment. Massage – is a lever on skin, muscles, joints, the central nervous system and all body.

Your neck, back, buttocks are warming up, massaging by skillful female hands. And when the weariness and stress left your body you feel that the girl touches you absolutely in a different way. These fingers know secrets of your body – it shivers and thaws from pleasure.

Massage duration – 1 hour.

Cost – 600 UAH.


This massage includes body massage, and addition “stroke a pussy” and “tenderness”. Also you can add to this massage “lord” or “the girl from above”(reverse western), (see types of massage). If you want all and at once I advise to choose exactly this type of massage. Here we included to the program the most erotic and interesting.

Massage duration – 1 hour

Cost – 1000 UAH.


The Indian massage begins from the head. This massage is made by tender touches and pleasant vibrations. Then a girl continues with massage of feet and hands. The girl in the process of massage touches your body and finds your erogenous zones and smoothly goes on to erotic massage. This procedure is good physiological rest for all organism and it is recommended for removal of stresses and overworks.

Massage duration – 1hour

Cost – 600 UAH.


This massage begins from passionate bathing by candlelight with charming girls. Then you go to the room where girls organize the Lesbian show. It is not only twice more womanly sensuality, but also two absolutely different its demonstrations. Dance performed by nymphs of our salon gives to the viewer a unique palette of feelings and sensations – heat in body, impudent excitement, esthetic delight and desire to become the participant of delightful Lesbian show. How it is pleasant to look when the beautiful girl by edge of sensual tongue teases a nipple on a bust of the dancing partner, showers her neck with gentle kisses or greedy caresses a stomach. And as a result lovely participants of Lesbi show will attract you to themselves to present already feelable pleasure – erotic massage.

Massage duration – 1hour 20 min.

Cost – 1400 UAH.


Beginning massage for girls, delightful mistresses of our salon tenderly cover your body with the fragrant oil relaxing a body. Masseur with careful smooth strokings anoints your back. You are the Goddess receiving love. Now her perfect palms caress your bust, hips, buttocks, stomach, causing a delightful shiver of each section in you. Now girl’s fingers caress the most sensual places on your body.

Massage duration – 1hour

Cost – 700 UAH.


If the look of beloved wanders in sad search of “that I don’t know what” or the woman is capricious as the little girl, you should try – erotic massage for couples. It is a choice of careful men who want to present to the woman the unique romantic moments, and self-confident women can entrust a body of darling to other woman. Erotic massage for couples can be especially pleasant if it is done to couple for the first time, when partners test some extent of constraint the first minutes. This juicy nuance will force to receive very unusual and pleasant feelings. Erotic massage will give the chance to you to increase scale of sexual feelings, will add a piquancy and will refresh your intimate life. In the end of massage girls leave the room and couple stays alone. The final chord a couple can make by itself or provide their excited bodies to masseurs.

Massage duration – 1 hour 15 min.

Cost – 1000 UAH.


The man orders, the girl chosen by him slowly undresses under music, or in her sexual clothes dances before you and caresses her lord. She agrees to be your obedient pussy (but without fanaticism). The lord tells in what position he would like to see his pussy: together in front of the mirror in the room slowly dancing or bending in front of him. And your darling with gentle or impudent movements slides on a body and manhood of the lord, bringing you to a full relaxation… Everything comes to an end with relaxing classical massage.

Duration – 1 hour

Cost – 600 UAH.


This massage is for fans to observe the sensual girl caressing her beautiful, gentle body, bringing herself to an orgasm. Frank caresses with application of sex toys. The girl caresses herself not only with beautiful hands, but also helps herself with a vibrating dildo, licking it with her wet tongue… This is truly delightful action.

Massage duration – 1 hour

Cost – 800 UAH.

MASSAGE “THE GIRL FROM ABOVE” (reverse western)

It is massage in which the girl dominates over the man. Do you want to feel yourself as a slave in the power of sexual Madam? Try to stand her whims, orders and desires.

Massage duration – 1 hour

Cost – 600 UAH.


The charming girl will bath you in a bathroom with gentle foam at soft light of aromatic candles under sounds of relaxing music. Warm water, gentle foam, – the girl slides on your body with her wet bust, buttocks, hips. Our Mermaid brings you to a full relaxation.

Massage duration – 1hour 15 min.

Cost – 700 UAH.