Classic massage

Classic massage

Standard classic massage can not only relax the whole body, but also relieve from various ailments. Pain, swelling, fatigue, you can forget about it, if you regularly attend a massage. Produce it in five basic techniques, which include:
– soft stroking;
– deep rubbing;
– enhanced squeezing;
– intensive kneading;
– vibration.
The number of repetitions of each of these techniques will depend on the physical condition of the patient and his individual characteristics.
Each reception is carried out strictly along the lymphatic pathways. Classical erotic massage Kiev is performed in descending order, it begins with the largest areas of the body and, accordingly, ending with the smallest. Thanks to this sequence, massage activates blood circulation.

Consider each method separately:

1. Soft stroking. It is this technique that begins the entire massage procedure, as well as ends. It can also be used when changing tricks. What is the purpose of stroking? It is able to pre-clean the skin and prepare it for subsequent receptions. Due to this, skin respiration is cleared, the blood flow increases and the overall skin tone increases accordingly. Also, stroking is used for injuries of varying severity and diseases, with the aim of rapid anesthesia.

2. Deep rubbing. This is the second reception. The rubbing is performed by displacement, sliding, moving and stretching those fabrics on which this effect is applied. Rubbing performs a similar function to the first, but acts more deeply. It delivers oxygen to the impact zone, thereby taking part in the body’s metabolic process.

3. Enhanced squeezing. It is performed like the first method, but more quickly and energetically. It is important to consider if the massage is performed on a painful area of ​​the body, then the push-ups are performed with less pressure than usual.

4. Active kneading. This technique is necessary for kneading deep layers of muscle tissue. It is produced by the thumbs and palms. Thanks to the active kneading, increases muscle tone.

5. Vibration – the final stage. Vibration is carried out by oscillations of the massaged surface. Small vibrations significantly soothe and relax, deep reverse. So, classical massage is almost a whole science of movement. It is very important to perform each technique correctly, because the therapeutic effect of the massage will depend on it.