Erotic massage

This massage program consists of two parts. The first part includes body preparation and warm-up, […]

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Body massage

Body massage is a modern method of therapy Body massage Kiev is a scientifically based […]

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Tantric massage

Tantric massage For most clients, tantric massage Kiev seems to be a subset of intimate […]

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About massage

Body massage: where can a business lady escape the pressures? Who said that a woman […]

Classic massage

Classic massage Standard classic massage can not only relax the whole body, but also relieve […]

Erotic massage for women

Erotic massage  for woman The woman is the greatest mystery of nature. But our male […]

Erogenous zones

Erogenous zones Erogenous zones have been the subject of consideration of many sexologists and psychotherapists […]



Tantric massage For most clients, tantric massage seems to be a subset of intimate services […]


About massage

Body massage: where can a business lady escape the pressures? Who said that a woman […]


Classic massage

Classic massage Standard classic massage can not only relax the whole body, but also relieve […]



If you want to use the services of the «MassageForYou» salon, please call our phone. The administrator will write you down for an intimate massage for the time that suits you (our salon is open 24 hours a day, 24/7). At the appointed time, you will be greeted at the entrance to our salon. At the entrance you will receive a sterile hygiene kit consisting of disposable slippers and a towel. Entering the salon, you can get acquainted with the masseuses and choose one of them. Our salon offers various types of massages, such as: foot fetish, Thai massage Kiev, body massage, Indian and many others.
Differently, if you were tired by monotonous life, including sexual, – come to salon of erotic massage in Kiev “MassageForYou”. We are always glad to see you!

Popular programs

This massage program consists of two parts. The first part includes body preparation and warm-up, built on the basis of classical massage. The second part is an erotic massage – innocent, charming and undefiled, like the first conception.

Performed by two girls at the same time, this erotic massage can rightfully be considered the quintessence of the services of our salon. Its elements are all the subtleties and seductive differences of all types of body massage performed in our salon.

Массаж "Crazy Girl"

The lesbian show allows you to discover both the masculine and the feminine, which is why this passionate and sensual dance is very popular among both men and women. This is a dance on an equal footing, where each opens and helps the other open.

If you think that you can only go to the massage parlor alone, you are very mistaken. Salons have long appeared, where you can feel a lot of emotions with your loved one. Erotic massage for couples in the Faraon salon in Kiev has recently become very popular.

Erotic massage: where is heaven?

Heaven. More attention you will not find. The fragrances were chosen so elegantly … What is it? You feel ambergris, musk and sandals. Yes, and a little rose and jasmine. Did you know that … the salon uses erotic oils, aphrodisiacs, named after the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. Such oils, having in them pheromones, can harmonize hormonal and psychological dysfunctions, normalize blood circulation and endocrine functions and get rid of stagnation. Mixtures of erotic oils have a deeper effect than an aphrodisiac. As a rule, a mixture consisting of ylang-ylang, geranium, patchouli, rose, sandal, neroli and bergamot is used for the procedure of erotic massage Kiev. Erotic salon into the warm body with light massage strokes, this mixture of essential oils creates an atmosphere of luxury and intimacy, brings refreshing drinks, strengthens courage and libido, stimulates and awakens passion. When you are here, it seems that you are immersed in an ocean of sweet sexual excitement that grows with every minute. The prelude of erotic massage Kiev is just as fabulous as the massage procedure. Relaxing stress, calm music, smooth smoothly, is an exceptional part of the massage procedure. Sounds of sea waves, whispering, breaking birds, spring rain can serve as a background for massage. The sound effect is amplified by the visual: the lights are down and the candles are burning, making the shadows dance. One of the most important things that bring ultimate pleasure during erotic massage is a combination of attractive appearance and high professionalism of the masseuse. This is the harmony of beauty and skills that work wonders. Strains, acute vibrations and gentle touching of spots near relatives activate the functions of erogenous zones, improve blood circulation (especially in the pelvic region) and strengthen the senses. This stimulation reaches its peak during the contact of the naked bodies of the client and the masseuse. Synergy of audio, visual and tactile stimuli in the process of body massage can cause a bright powerful orgasm and – quite often – even a few.

Erotic massage in Kiev: the nuances of the art of pleasure

Erotic massage Kiev is the art of absolute pleasure. But we want to talk not about its unique features, but about the nuances of erotic massage offered by our salon salon for both men and women.

Erotic massage Kiev for men

Of course, it is performed by a woman. Sometimes, if required, and also because massage is a muscular job, two masseuses perform. In addition to the physiological aspect, erotic body massage Kiev is a palpitating fingering of the client’s skin, and the girls’ hands are being developed for this. Okay, let’s raise the veil and go for a happy client by visiting the salon of erotic massage Kiev “MassageForYou”. We invite you to a wonderful body massage, erotic massage, tantric massage, sensual massage Kiev. The masseuse, who is so beautiful that she can compete with a nymph, fairy and goddess together, will ask a bare man to lie on his stomach, half-naked (or bare, by appointment). It starts with light, gentle touches of the back, legs and hands, and then the neck and turns it into a playful prelude to a growing excitement. A man lying on his stomach can not see the masseuse, but his imagination paints her body, which only strengthens his excitement. Feeling the growing excitement of the client, the masseuse advises him to roll over. From this moment, the best erotic massage consists of combinations of such movements, which at the same time pass, and vibrations of all kinds, and light pressures together with impacts. Random touches of organs also exacerbate feelings: the face, chest or thighs of the masseuse suddenly touch the most intimate parts of the male body. Accelerating the pace of touch, pressure and shock, the masseuse works on every part of the heated body of a man, paying special attention to the main embodiment of his masculinity. The feelings of a man are difficult to describe: it is a complete rest and overwhelming excitement along with the euphoria of permissiveness and the opportunity to touch the nearest parts of the body of a hot girl. Powerful and bright orgasm, calm contentment and incredible energy adjustment – a person who has experienced such an emotional tornado, will certainly find time again to be in the arms of a passionate and skillful fairy.

Erotic massage for woman

Sensual massage in the salon of erotic massage Kiev for a woman. It seems that now there should be a massage therapist, but – tantric massage Kiev, performed by a woman, is appreciated by the bright emotions that she brings. Who can feel the needs of a woman’s body, except for another woman? And with a massage therapist, who has practical knowledge and skills not only of erotic massage methods, but also functional and psychological features of the female body, the massage session becomes admiration and mystery, a combination of divine excitement and complete relaxation. The masseuse, similar to the case with a man, begins by heating the body from the back, gently rubbing fingers and toes. But the nymph of erotic massage is now engaged in a woman, and her reaction to strokes, touching and rubbing the body with aphrodisiacs will be brighter and faster. The body of a woman is a whole erogenous zone, from head to foot. The area along the spine, neck, fingers, thighs and buttocks immediately reacts to touch. When the woman’s excitement has grown to a certain level, the masseuse helps her to turn over. What happens next is so exciting, hot and provocative that we better not lift the veil over this scene of absolute sexual bliss. Erotic massage for a woman is an art that every beautiful lady experiences herself.

Erotic massage at home – exquisite therapy of the soul and body

Coming from an ancient erotic massage Kiev– a novice in the modern world of services. However, its popularity is growing rapidly. The refined way of healing through erotic pleasure is more effective than usual massage. He strengthens the body and liberates the soul.
How and by whom is the unusual procedure performed?
The performers of the show-session are charming girls. These are professional masseuses and virtuoso temptresses. Erotic massage at home is carried out by both one and several performers.
Initially, the client receives a full complex of restorative massage. After a half-hour preparatory stage, there comes a time of more intimate touches. The masseuse is relieved from part of the clothes. Her hands become more tender. She leads the client into excitement, touching him with bare breasts, belly, buttocks.
Delicate movements become more intense and insistent. In the course goes the secret weapon: velvet volancers, soft brushes, gels, creams. Quiet music and muffled light help the masseuse achieve the goal: the client reaches the peak of pleasure and gets maximum relaxation. After that, he can talk with a girl, have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

What is the effectiveness of erotic massage at home?

Erotic massage at home Kiev recommends everyone because it contains a set of positive moments. It is aimed at medical-hygienic, cosmetological and psychological recovery. Let’s note its curative functions:

• has a relaxing effect on the whole organism;
• Tones up muscle mass;
• Stimulates blood and lymph circulation;
• eliminates or prevents the appearance of cellulite;
• cleanses the skin;
• has an anti-aging effect: returns the skin to fresh freshness and elasticity;
• restores the vital functions of damaged organs;
• increases the protective properties of the body;
• sharpens the sensitivity of nerve endings;
• releases sexual energy;
• removes stress, eliminates complexes, depression, apathy.

After such a procedure, problems that bother the client seem small to him; solving difficult tasks come by themselves. He comes out of the salon by another person: calmed, emboldened and rejuvenated.

Массаж для мужчин открывает возможности организма. Есть возможность поднять и отложить волнение. Это может открыть для вас новый мир чувств. Эротический массаж для мужчин – отличный способ получить сексуальную энергию, расслабление, а также волнение, страсть и поддержку. Чувствительные прикосновения наших массажисток снимают напряжение, и эндорфины начинают течь. Это приносит удовольствие и отдых. Наслаждайтесь расслаблением и эротическим массажем для мужчин в нашем салоне. Мы с нетерпением ждем вашего визита.
Эротический массаж Киев – Преимущества для мужчин, которые предпочитают массаж для мужчин
Улучшите свое либидо. Не удивительно, что желание пожилых людей становится все меньше и меньше. Из-за обязанностей, семейных обязанностей и повседневной жизни сексуальные желания откладываются далеко. В результате люди расстраиваются и раздражаются. Нашей главной целью во время массажа для мужчин в нашем салоне является улучшение вашей сексуальной жизни, избавление от физического безразличия и обеспечение психологического уровня ваших физических переживаний. Массаж для мужчин активно борется с мужским бессилием и усиливает сексуальное возбуждение.

Наслаждайтесь новыми чувствами. Народное тело предоставляет широкий спектр эрогенных зон, только некоторые из которых известны обычному человеку. Об остальных из них люди понятия не имеют. Во время релакс массажа в Киеве для мужчин мы уделяем большое внимание тщательному изучению каждой точки тела и пытаемся найти скрытые зоны, которые могут стать источником большого эротического удовольствия. Мы учим наших клиентов любить свое тело, потому что оно является неотъемлемым элементом гармоничной жизни любой пары. Это очень важно для людей, потому что любой человек вряд ли сможет достичь сексуального удовлетворения, если он не уверен в себе. Профессионалы часто говорят, что самые чувствительные эрогенные зоны в нашем уме и сердце. Тело и душа должны быть в гармонии, чтобы обеспечить уникальный сексуальный опыт, и именно в этом и заключается цель нашего эротического массажа для мужчин.

Раскройте свой сексуальный потенциал. В салоне эротического массажа мы профессионально обучаем открывать самые скрытые зоны вашей сексуальности. Наши симпатичные молодые девушки делают эротический массаж Киев, чтобы вы могли удовлетворить все ваши требования и открыть для себя новые возможности сексуального опыта и удовольствия. Массаж для мужчин поможет вам выйти на новый уровень ваших возможностей, и вы станете более изощренным партнером для своей женщины, чтобы доставить ей еще большее удовольствие в постели.