Erotic massage Kiev: nuances of the art of pleasure


“Massage has always played an important role, and people should praise

them by building a monument to a massage therapist.”

I. Sarkizov - Serazini

       Body massage is an art, it’s absolutely positive. But now we will rather speak not about its unique features, but about nuances of sensual massage Kiev performed for a man and for a woman.

       Erotic massage Kiev for a man. It is by all means performed by a woman. Sometimes, if requested, and because a massage is a muscular work, too, there are two masseuses. Apart from physiological aspect, a body massage Kiev is a flutter of fingers over the skin of a client, and girls’ hands are being designed for that, and this also matters. Well, let us lift the veil and follow a lucky client, visiting the “Chili Pepper” erotic massage salon in Kiev.  We invite you to a wonderful body massage, erotic massage, tantric massage in Kiev, sensual massage.

       A masseuse who can, with her beauty, compete a nymph, a fairy and a goddess together, is asking a naked man to lie on his stomach, being half-naked (or naked, as agreed) herself. She starts with light, gentle touches of toes, and fingers, and then neck turning this into a playful prelude for a growing arousal. A man lying on his stomach cannot see a masseuse, but his imagination depictures her body that only increases his excitement.

       Feeling a client’s growing arousal, a masseuse tells him to roll over.  From this moment a body massage Kiev consists of combinations of such movements that are, at the same time, passes, and vibrations of all kinds, and light pressures together with strokes. “Accidental” contacts of bodies sharpen the feelings, too: a face, breasts or hips of a masseuse suddenly touch the most intimate parts of a man’s body. Speeding up the tempo of touches, pressures and strokes, a masseuse works on every part of a man’s heated body, paying particular attention to the main embodiment of his masculinity.

       A man’s feelings are hard to describe: it’s a total relax and an overwhelming excitement together with euphoria of permissiveness and a chance to touch the most intimate parts of a hot girl’s body. A powerful and bright orgasm, tranquil contentment and incredible fit of energy – a man who experienced such emotional tornado will definitely find time to come into the arms of a passionate and skilled fairy again.

       Sensual massage in the salon of erotic massage Kiev for a woman. It seems that a masseur should now appear, but – a tantric massage Kiev performed to a woman by a woman is valued by bright emotions it brings. Who can feel the needs of a woman’s body except of another woman? And with a masseuse who has practical knowledge and skills not only of massage techniques, but of functional and psychological peculiarities of a woman’s body a massage session becomes a delight and mystery, a mix of divine excitement and a total relax.

       A masseuse, similar to the case with a man, starts with warming up the body from the back, rubbing fingers and toes gently. But a nymph of erotic massage deals with a woman now, and her reaction to strokes, touches and rubbing the body with aphrodisiacs will be brighter and quicker. A woman’s body is an entire erogenous zone, from head to toes. An area along the spine, neck, fingers, hips and buttocks do respond to the touches immediately.

       When a lying lady’s arousal has grown to a certain level, a masseuse helps her to roll over. What happens next is so exciting, hot and provocative that we better not lift the veil over this scene of an absolute sexual bliss. Erotic massage for a woman is an art every beautiful lady should experience herself.