Erogenous zones

Erogenous zones

Erogenous zones have been the subject of consideration of many sexologists and psychotherapists of the past and present. So, the famous sexologist SSLibikh said that when massaging certain areas of the body, namely the most sensitive, one should adhere to three basic rules: selectivity, compatibility and consistency. Do not chaotically massage these or other parts of the body to find out which movements and caresses are most pleasing to your partner. You should carefully study his body, monitor his reaction, then you can accurately determine his sensual place.

Each person is unique. Erogenous zones are also different for each person. The sensitivity of the same parts of the body for each man and for each woman is different, so with erotic massage Kiev it is better to act on those areas that are most strongly aroused. For those who for the first time decided to try erotic massage Kiev, I would like to note that stimulation should start from less sensitive areas, smoothly shifting to more sensual ones. So sexual arousal will gradually increase. Simultaneous exposure to several erogenous zones will help achieve the same effect.
A lot – good – too bad.
Bad, when a partner is only about himself. But even worse, when he is rude, inattentive, or wants too much from the irritation of only one erogenous zone.
Erogenous zones are the endings of nerves, and they obey certain laws of the functioning of the nervous system, including the law of overexcitation. With a sufficiently long stimulation and overexcitation of the nerves, the sensitivity of the erogenous zone is disconnected, and a person suddenly feels that the weasiness that just caused a strong excitement does not cause any emotion. In such cases, you should take a break in the stimulation zone.
In such a delicate matter as an erotic massage, there are no universal recipes and mandatory techniques. Do not be afraid to improvise, act by instinctively, listening attentively to your own feelings and the reactions of your beloved. If you want to, just touch it lightly with the inner surfaces of your hips, with your stomach, chest and arms, making soft, smooth, circular and longitudinal movements, or act more actively if you feel that this is what is expected of you. To make your hands glide easily and smoothly, use massage oil, adding to it for fragrance a few drops of the other – from flowers and herbs: roses, jasmine, thyme, lavender, rosemary, sandalwood. These smells help to relax and exacerbate sensitivity to caresses.

In the erogenous “geography”, men and women have much in common, but there are differences. Erogenous zones in men, as a rule, are more localized than in women. On the female body, there are many more places that respond to caresses. These are the auricles, the nape, and the armpits. Very susceptible to caresses waist and the area above the hips, reaching the middle of the abdomen. The inner side of the thighs reacts especially to affectionate touches, rising from the knees to the groin. A gentle effect on the biologically active points located on the inner side of the thighs often leads to arousal in the partners. On the geography of erogenous zones in certain parts of the body will be told when describing the methods of their massage.

Remember that rough and unskillful stimulation of the erogenous zone or causing pain in this area will not only not bring pleasure to the partner, but also can destroy the erogenous zone forever!

To massage, or the feeling of rapprochement that followed, was especially pleasant, do not hesitate to say what you like and what does not. Frankness makes intimate massage more sensual and beautiful, and excitement – deep.