Tantric massage

For most clients, tantric massage seems to be a subset of intimate services with sexual pleasures. However, it is not. During the tantric massage the client learns a lot about his body, as our girls easily find on it erogenous zones, which most visitors of our salon can only guess.

Body massage

Body massage Kiev is a scientifically based medical method that has been tested by practice. In the modern world, the use of erotic massage Kiev is practiced in many sanatorium-preventive institutions. Therapeutic body massage Kiev is widely used in medical practice. A significant improvement in the material condition of the people and the desire for physical perfection made the massage necessary for the physical development of modern man, and massage is successfully used for preventive purposes.

Sensual massage

Frank, intimate, piquant and sensual – all this body sensual massage, in which, as in a burning cocktail, a healing procedure and a show of carnal pleasures are combined. The first sip will burn and give a presentiment of something unusual, and the second sip will plunge into complete relaxation, which will cover a wave of beauty and grace of one of our masseuses.

Erotic massage for women

Erotic massage for a woman – is primarily the beauty and health of the most fair sex. During the massage, joy and pleasure penetrate into every cell and pore of the body. And as you know, joy – prolongs life and rejuvenates. Is not that what each of us dreams about? Lovely ladies, line up for youth and beauty at the lowest prices in the world!

Erogenous zones

Erogenous zones are the endings of nerves, and they obey certain laws of the functioning of the nervous system, including the law of overexcitation. With a sufficiently long stimulation and overexcitation of the nerves, the sensitivity of the erogenous zone is disconnected, and a person suddenly feels that the weasiness that just caused a strong excitement does not cause any emotion. In such cases, you should take a break in the stimulation zone.

Classic massage

Standard classic massage can not only relax the whole body, but also relieve from various ailments. Pain, swelling, fatigue, you can forget about it, if you regularly attend a massage.