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Body massage: where can a business lady escape the pressures?

Who said that a woman at the peak of her business career is not a woman anymore? She is, in spite of the fact that her mind works like a cybernetic machine and builds upon logics and a good judgment. How would she appear at the peak otherwise? But her body is still a body, waiting for caress and nurturance, longing for a sexual bliss and flaming with desires, behind a fortresslike façade. And when the time for a short relaxation comes, lady-boss discovers the mystery of  erotic massage in Kiev.

Massage: Kiev offers you bliss

The meeting is over, agreements are signed, and a pitch is won. You can call it a day. The employees like busy bees flied home, or to fitness clubs and hot spots. Ok, whatisnow? Adinnerinarestaurant? Or better go home? Or call the husband to ask about his meeting? To learn what’s new from a lovely child? Or… maybe erotic massage?

The calls, the dinner suddenly become not so important. Dreams of erotic massage take center stage. It’s a massage that a tired body needs. Soft and gentle romantic melody, luxurious, languishing atmosphere, filled with aromas of heady spices, adorable masseuses, performing magic… You need only to call and confirm. After all, body massage KIev is really something.

Massage: Kiev learns techniques of pleasure

“The body is always talking to us.If we only take the time to listen…”

Louise Hay

The routes of a massage that was named “erotic” go back centuries and even millenniums. According to a series of discoveries made by historians and archeologists, one could say that a humankind is familiar with erotic massage (Kiev knows it very well!) for more than 5000 years. It’s quite natural that being honed for so long, techniques of this magic procedure have reached the highest pitch of perfection. A massage session where an adorable masseuse shows breath-taking knowledge of functioning of every cell of the body is rather an art of body release than just a procedure.

Thai erotic massage

Release from tension, clarity of thoughts, wonderful excitement and fabulous relaxation, hematopoietic, cardiovascular and nervous system functions improvement, virility and libido enhancement – it is hard to calculate all benefits of Thai erotic massage. But let us still try.

Do you know that… at the time Thai erotic massage got the status of Pleasure of Emperors. And it is still true, as positive results for the body and emotional uplift such massage brings cannot be overestimated.

A classical technique underlying erotic Thai massage is quite new – it is only 2500 years old. We cannot, unfortunately know the name of its founder now. But it is known for certain that this pundit’s specialization was religion, as a harmony of two beings, Yang and Yin makes the basis of his massage theory. Unity of the opposites, concept of energy lines creating “upper” skin and embracing the whole body, inextricable connection of a client and a masseuse became those pillars on which the art of Thai erotic massage is built everywhere in the world, and Kiev is not an exception.

Massage: Pechersk-Taiwan – a transit through centuries

Thai erotic massage (Pechersk offers you its best varieties) aim is to achieve an absolute relaxation of a human body. A harmony of beauty and erotic, sexual arousal and relax, fantasies and reality is so tempting and delightful one just cannot leave this sweet imprisonment.

An entourage of the scene in the salon is timeless. Glorious furniture, every piece of which speaks of luxury and exclusiveness, heady aromas of sprayed scents, aroma candles twinkling, and sounds of a magical music – everything is designed for a client and focused on him/her. An atmosphere, full of harmony, delight and sexual bliss is created by masseuses, too, and their airy translucent robes, just slightly covering their fabulous nudity, are of help.

An adorable temptress starts to gently rub fingers and toes, getting to footsteps and hands.

Do you know that…footsteps of a human were considered by ancient eastern medicine to be pillars of health as they have a vast number of sense receptors no any other organ has.

Speeding up the tempo and amplitude of movement a fairy gets rid of a robe hiding her fabulous body. After that a masseuse goes on with touches, vibrations and strokes of erogenous zones and spots near them, having oiled her and a client’s skin with erotic oils that help to enhance brightness of emotions and reach the peak of pleasure. Step by step, working on every intimate zone, a fairy leaves a client in the state of absolute euphoria preceded by a powerful and extraordinary bright orgasm.

Sensual massage Kiev (Pechersk is an expert in pleasures) is certainly a magic art. After all, there is a reason why there’s an aphorism saying you are eager to climb a mountain peak after the first massage, and you want to marry a masseuse after the second one. You doubt it? Then you just have to experience this glorious act of unity of bodies heated with desire by visiting the salon.